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We enjoy setting up speaking events to benefit our community.  Our organization has a vast network of professionals and experienced individuals to resource from on various animal-related topics and issues.  Bringing awareness to these animal issues and sharing ideas with others is important in building more compassionate and caring communities.  Moreover, it is important to work together so we treat all animals in our neighborhoods in a more ethical, loving, responsible way.
By hosting one of our speakers to your group, church, school, or organization, your members will learn about the subjects described in the bullet points below.
We have many speakers to choose from, many available locally.  Some speakers are free, while others may charge a fee.  Our goal is to bring the community a variety of professionals, volunteers, and educators, and to become more compassionate as a community for all living creatures.
If you wish to inquire about a speaker, please contact us by email at
So that we can best assist you, please list the subject you wish to learn more about or a speaker you'd like host.  Give us the following information:
Your name, the organization you might represent and your contact information.

Examples of subjects to discuss:

Animal law and society (National, state and local government’s role.  Exploring a pet guardian’s personal rights and responsibilities)      

Animal care and training (ID/tags/microchipping and other ways to help find a lost pet)

Animal abuse issues (puppy mills, chaining/tether pets, overpopulation, how to report abuse, and much more)

Animal rescues/shelters (What is the NO-Kill movement about?)

Business opportunities in pet care and services

Dangers and prevention (dog bites, outbreak of diseases, behavior training for pets and children)

Educators teaching about animal issues, materials available and projects for students

Estate giving and animal programs

Medical care and advice for pet owners (vaccinations, spay/neuter, pet insurance, financial options and resources)

Pet loss and grief

Setting up a dog park, spay/neuter clinic, raising funds and setting goals

Volunteer opportunities in the community

Wildlife: separating fact from fiction

Book signings and talks by authors of books on pet-related topics

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