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There is a great need in Fairfield County for more responsible, humane, contemporary approaches to "animal control." On this page you will find an explanation of why Fairfield County CARES has been organized and what we hope, with your help, to accomplish.

Fairfield County Cares
PO Box 844
Lancaster, OH 43130



Fairfield County CARES mission is to provide free animal-related educational and awareness support to the community.  In addition, the group offers free resource and referral services to connect members of the community with various organizations including animal rescues/shelters, animal trainers, pet events, provide speakers, set-up and design programs for schools, churches, other civic groups and individuals on animal issues concerning the community. 

The CARES ACES (Awareness, Compassion, Education and Support) program offers the community a social recipe to build a more Compassionate Community from the Bottom Up.

The group’s goal is to provide assistance so fewer animals are given up to pounds and shelters and to prevent others from being dumped by the roadside or abused and neglected. 

“Our goal is simple.  We want to see fewer pets turned in to shelters or turned out to fend for themselves when other options are available.”


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314 N. Columbus St.
Lancaster, Ohio 43130
Ph: 740-654-5000