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There is a great need in Fairfield County for more responsible, humane, contemporary approaches to "animal control." On this page you will find an explanation of why Fairfield County CARES has been organized and what we hope, with your help, to accomplish.

Fairfield County Cares
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Three Dog Night

Pets & Fireworks Don't Mix


Photo courtesy of Tim Morehead Photography

Janice and three of her dogs. Skipper, Teddy and Missy. Photo courtesy of Tim Morehead Photography.

America’s Homeless Animals:  A Preventable National Tragedy

Did you know:

  • Nationwide pet overpopulation and lack of spay/neuter laws are linked to millions of cats and dogs entering animal shelters each year.
  • Half of these animals are destroyed…by definition, not euthanized to save them from suffering,…they are killed.  Most are healthy, adoptable and loving homeless pets.
  • Restated… about 1 in 2 taken into shelters or pounds are killed.
  • The leading cause of death for healthy dogs/cats is being killed in animal shelters.
  • Animals enter shelters as Lost, “stray”, or given up by their owners.
  • Many dogs wear collars but have no identification that would get them home.
  • Only 2% of cats and only 16% of dogs are claimed or found by their owners.
  • On average only 20% of cats and dogs are adopted from rescues and shelters.
  • 25% of dogs in shelters are purebreds. 
  • Puppy mills (breeding farms for dogs) and “backyard breeders” add to the pet overpopulation problem.  Holmes County, Ohio, made over nine million dollars in puppy sales in one year.  Many come from the Amish community.  Go to this link for more on this issue:
  • Female dogs in puppy mills are forced to reproduce until their insides literally fall out.  Sadly, most of these breeding dogs never get love or affection from humans.  Many never know a life outside a small wire cage.  Often, they receive no veterinary care and sold in auctions like livestock.  Most are given up or destroyed when they no longer produce puppies.
    • Many pet stores buy/sell puppy mill puppies.  Despite store claims of using “good breeders”, in truth, “good breeders” don’t sell to pet stores.  See the following report from HSUS.


    Buying puppies in pet stores adds to pet overpopulation and causes more suffering of dogs.  Be smart.  Don’t buy puppies from pet stores.  Check out the many homeless dogs in pounds, shelters and rescues.  If you want a purebred dog, look for a breed rescue.  OPT TO ADOPT or find a good breeder.  Don’t buy on impulse in a pet store. 



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