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There is a great need in Fairfield County for more responsible, humane, contemporary approaches to "animal control." On this page you will find an explanation of why Fairfield County CARES has been organized and what we hope, with your help, to accomplish.

Fairfield County Cares
PO Box 844
Lancaster, OH 43130



Building a better community with pets includes:

  • Don’t buy pets at pet stores (they often carry puppies from puppy mills).
    **Note, good breeders don’t often sell to pet stores.
  • Avoid “backyard breeders” or non-licensed breeders.
    **Do consider pets from good animal rescue groups and shelters. (25% of shelter dogs are purebreds) SAVE A LIFE!!
    **Do some research on breeds that fit your lifestyle
    **Do be patient and check out good breeders.
  • Don’t wait to get your dog or cat spayed or neutered.
    **Do get the pet examined and vaccinated (rabies is a must-do)
    **Do take your pet right away to a veterinarian
    **Do spay/neuter the pet for a better life for you and your pet.
  • Don’t tie, chain or tether your dog for long periods
    **Do this to make your pet a part of the family. 
    **Do this for the health and well-being of your pet.
  • Socialize pets with people and other animals
    **Do this to be safe and comfortable around people and other pets
  • Volunteer or donate to good animal rescues or shelters
  • Register your dog and put it tags on the collar!!
    (ID tags don’t work if your pet gets lost or stolen without these on)
    (Microchipping is good but not all pounds/shelters check for them)

Learn from the experts and help the community by being a good pet owner.

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