Building Compassionate Communities From the Bottom Up
by fostering loving relationships between humans and animals.

Our Mission and Purpose

What We Are...

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization designed to educate and bring awareness to Fairfield County and Central Ohio residents on the humane treatment all animals.  Through a network of agencies and individuals.  We provide resource and referral services to build better communities and encourage positive human-animal bonds.

What We Are Not...

We are NOT an animal rescue group, but we enthusiastically support those who offer life-sustaining help to homeless and abused animals locally and nationwide.

We are an all-volunteer organization.

ACES in Building Compassionate Communities

Awareness, Compassion, Education and Support (ACES) are the building blocks of our effort to build more humane and compassionate communities.

AWARENESS:  We explore local animal issues and compare them to other Ohio communities and national trends.  We share this information with the community, pointing out successful approaches.

COMPASSION:  We examine the connection between domestic violence and animal cruelty.  Our belief is that no adoptable animal should be destroyed as part of population control if other options are available.

EDUCATION:  We provide a wide array of programs, material, and speakers on various animal related topics.

SUPPORT:  We assist both public and private groups in addressing animal-related issues and situations.  We help the community plan pet disaster protocols, write and obtain grants, and much more.

We offer suggestions to elected officials on how to improve, upgrade and lower costs associated with operating Fairfield County's dog pound.  We also offer insight and assistance in implementing contemporary animal control and modern sheltering practices.

Share with CARES
Petfood Drive

Proceeds go to local Food Pantries & Meals On Wheels
Donate bagged or canned dog or cat food, kitty litter, etc.
Cash Donations are also welcome.

Fairfield County CARES "Shares with CARES pet food project works with local businesses, such as Pet Supplies Plus, to furnish pet food to local food pantries and Meals on Wheels.  Through this effort we are able to help families in need feed their beloved pets.

Contact Information

Fairfield County Cares


PO Box 844
Lancaster OH 43130

Donations are appreciated